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Renovation & Repair

Sometimes major improvements need to be made to a home before it's ready to go on the market.  Fixing structural issues is a must and the Tarl Anderson team is prepared to consult with you on the most cost-effective way to approach that process.  Also, sometimes design elements of a house can date the property and be impediments to making a sale.  Updating kitchens and bathrooms can be an investment that drastically adds value to your property and the Tarl Anderson team has the expertise to guide you through and manage this process.

We helped this seller make their kitchen show-ready with new flooring and a cabinet makeover.

Our team is ready to tackle the big projects as well. Here we installed new flooring, light fixtures, paint, shower tile and even replaced the mirrors.

This stunning living room transformation shows just how much new flooring, paint, and lighting can make a dramatic difference to your final product.

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