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When putting a home up for sale, clearing the rooms of most furniture and personal possessions helps the Buyer to envision the space as their own.  Buyers don't have the same sentimental attachment that Sellers do to their furniture and decorations and different people have different style and taste.  Taking those differences out of the equation makes the process of viewing the home more accessible for the Buyer and helps the Seller move their home more quickly.

A furniture arrangement that makes sense to one person won't necessarily make sense to the next person.  With this home, look at how different the effect is when the home is totally clear of all furniture and the true size of the home can be appreciated.  That's the kind of difference that leads to quicker sales.

We all can understand the importance of making sure you have a beautifully staged interior but how about the exterior of your home? We took care of this very overgrown backyard giving this historic home some new life! Check out these before, during, and after images.

Sometimes our listings can have a unique layout, making it challenging for a buyer to envision how their furniture may look in the space. Digital staging gives buyers an idea of how the space could look and flow.

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